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Blanca Rico

The PLP helped me to look at things with a broader perspective.  I made lots of contacts which can help build my future career at home.

- Dr. Woldemedhin Haile, Ethiopia



Digital Public Health Stories from Blue Nile State, Sudan

Digital Public Health Storytelling was included in the training as a leadership development tool. The concept was introduced as a way of empowering a community to document their reality and share it with others. Furthermore the storytelling technique was discussed in the context of strong leadership capacity, as a creative and often particularly effective tool in motivating teams, persuading policymakers, changing public opinion, and documenting best practices. The digital aspect allowed for the introduction of technology skills that included camera use, email, and digital story production using the computer program "SoundSlides."

This digital public health storytelling component of the training was an opportunity for each participant to return to their workplace/community and introduce colleagues and friends to the approach. The process was intended to be a collaborative one. With their new knowledge and tools, participants could involve many in the story identification, filming, and audio recording.

Given the Sudanese audience for these digital stories, all of them are recorded in Arabic, with only two recorded in both English and Arabic. Click here to see a list of all the stories in full English translation.