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Blanca Rico

The PLP helped me to look at things with a broader perspective.  I made lots of contacts which can help build my future career at home.

- Dr. Woldemedhin Haile, Ethiopia



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The Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), founded by PLP Fellow Abhijit Das, will conduct a series of evaluation trainings in the Spring of 2008 targeted at civil society groups in Uttar Pradesh Province with a goal of creating greater government accountability.

CHSJ is partnering with UNFPA to support this training module, which was inspired by the publication of the National Rural Health Mission's comprehensive report covering nine Indian states and ten unique studies. CHSJ has requested the PLP to provide expertise for this training and to assist with follow up. This training is simply an initial step toward a broader partnership. CHSJ's already critical involvement in NRHM provides a vehicle for the PLP to help build policy related capacity as well as institutional/network relationships on which to focus our leadership development efforts.

Click here for photos from the first series of the evaluation training held in Delhi June 23-27.

On issues of government accountability, the PLP is working to connect the CSHJ with the International Budget Project (IBP), a program housed at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, with a mission to support the increase of civil society capacity to analyze and impact government budget processes, institutions and outcomes. IBP, with efforts underway in India, can act as a partner with CHSJ in policy transparency.

Additionally, the PLP is supporting the design and implementation of a leadership training module for NGO managers being offered through Xavier Leadership Research Institute in Jharkhand Province. There is strong reason to believe that these efforts can support and intersect with those outlined above.